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Current trends in breast augmentation practice.
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The problem of breast augmentation is rather topical issue at present. Currently, the traditional technique of breast augmentation still remains introduction of capsulated silicon implants. Every plastic surgeon knows that there is a real risk of unsatisfactory results, undesirable outcomes or complications in any operation performed for breast prosthetics with silicon implants. Professional ethics must oblige the surgeon to speak honestly about his personal clinical experience in using certain method and implants. But the practicing surgeons try not to accentuate the problem side of the surgery and continue working by the old traditional method. Why is it that the twenty-year-old materials and technologies are still being used in plastic surgery of the breasts?

Many women are afraid and cannot venture to go under the surgeons knife for the desire to have nice breasts. Obtaining their breasts augmentation without surgery remains their cherished dream.

All contemporary trends of plastic surgery are now engaged in the problem how to make the breast augmentation technique low-traumatic and safe, with a short postoperative period. Minimal trauma, which plastic surgeons strive for, is possible only when there is a low-invasive operation performed using suitable implant material for surgery. Medicinal science is trying to find such a material for many years already. Multiple attempts to use various materials for breasts augmentation have met with failure. Currently, they try to restore application of fat tissue. Sydney Coleman, USA (1986) offered to use for augmentation surgery of mammary glands the fat tissue obtained from liposuction. Yet, this method, now known as lipofilling, sooner or later led to development of calcifications, fibrous capsular contractures, uneven resorption of the transplanted fat, appearance of visible deformities and did not solve the aesthetic problem, not to say about more serious complications. In 2005 Michele Zocchi reported about a new lipofilling method Breast Bi-compartmental Lipostructuring of the mammary gland with the aim of its augmentation or correction of its shape with satisfactory short-term results. However, nowadays prospects of using fat tissue in any way as suitable material for augmentation surgery of the mammary glands are rather doubtful.

Per Heden of Sweden in 2005 offered the Method of temporary breast augmentation with preparation Macrolane (Q-Med) based on hyaluronic acid. Until now, this method has shown itself as rather safe, and its temporary effect is kept during short period of time (from several months to 1-2 years). The drawback of this method temporary effect, due to splitting of the material by the active ferment hyaluronidase. Along with splitting of the hyaluronic acid, there is a possibility of destruction of the stroma and collagen fibers of the connective tissue within the place of this material injection (as this very ferment is used in medicine for the aim of scars resorption), and a possibility of further migration of the material from the zone of injection into the surrounding tissues. The second danger of Macrolane application is the fact that it has been synthesized using genetically modified bacteria (technology NASHA). Achievement of long-term results in plastic surgery by this method is impossible and its results are not known yet.

Application of Aquafilling technology allows obtaining augmentation of soft tissues practically without any traumas. As a result of hormonal changes, the womans organism begins to contain less moisture within the intercellular substance, the glandular tissue decreases in volume, a feeling of soft breasts tissues appears. Using the Aquafilling technology the surgeon can fill up and shape the breast volume by applying absolutely safe physiological solution which is the basic component of the hydrogel AQUALIFT. Using the above technology guaranties excellent aesthetic result that keeps on for a long period. The happy patients who undergone such a procedure several years ago are now still having their nice breasts the up-to-date achievement in plastic surgery. Using the safe implant material AQUALIFT, the plastic surgery has obtained great possibilities. Breast augmentation has become safe. The breast becomes looking so natural that it is impossible to believe that this is the result of a plastic surgeons performance. Not any scars. And above all the sex partner will never determine anything. When a surgeon responsibly declares what is possible and what is not, what is necessary and what is not reliability of such declarations depends on his clinical experience and its success.

Contour plastic surgery of the breasts soft tissues with hydrophilic physiological filler AQUALIFT is a new promising trend in plastic surgery that responds to increased requirements of the modern beauty industry. Absence of any serious problems when applying this technique allows the surgeons to use AQUALIFT successfully for low-invasive breast augmentation plastic surgery.
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