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Hydrophilic gel AqualiftTM - implant of new generation.
Appearance at the market of the next generation of implants has become a new evolution phase in plastic esthetic surgery. For synthesis of the molecule of the implants three-dimensional matrix there was applied a new original technology of catalyst of positive charge, which allowed receiving the product with unique features. Presence of amide bonds within the polymer chain, high molecular weight of the three-dimensional co-polymer frame, as well as a great number of carboxyl groups, allow it to retain huge volume of water medium (up to 98 %), which can characterize the product as polyamide hydrophilic gel having cation-like properties. As a result of synthesis, there is obtained a water-soluble product very slowly absorbed by the organism. Clinical tests began in 2003.
Unique properties of the gel AqualiftTM put it into the rank of universal biodegrading fillers. Moreover, the implants positive charge blocks the oxidative stress, which phenomenon gives the patient more favorable flow of the postoperative period and prevents inflammations. In 2004, after the first positive results were achieved, the National Medical Technologies Center (Ukraine) started the new implant production based on the infusion production line at the pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise Pharmatsia in Lugansk City, Ukraine.
AqualiftTM is produced out of high purity synthetic materials, contains no components of animal origin nor substances received from genetically modified organisms. Production of AqualiftTM is carried out in aseptic conditions and is sterilized by autoclaving at the conclusive stage. According to its properties, AqualiftTM is close to the Outline (France) preparations that also belong to the group of slowly absorbed fillers of synthetic origin.
  • AqualiftTM is the most physiologic and safe among all existing implants, because 98% of its composition is normal physiologic solution and it has the properties of unique biodegrading hydrophilic filler.
  • AqualiftTM is a soft tissue filler, which acts as a depot for normal physiologic (0.9 % sodium chloride) solution locked in a matrix of three-dimensional cell of a complex synthetic polymer with amide and carboxylic groups. Long chains of the high-molecular polymer are cross-linked together with amides and form a stable three-dimensional frame. Presence of multiple active carboxylic groups gives positive charge to the polymer molecule and provides high hydrophilicity and water solubility.
  • AqualiftTM is a positively charged electrolyte that does not affect tissue conductance, blocks negatively-charged free radicals of active oxygen, which increases stability of surrounding tissues against ageing.
  • AqualiftTM improves electric potential of the surrounding tissues, normalizes microcirculation within the site of injection, while having positive charge it attracts soluble negatively charged molecules of the extra-cell matrix collagen, elastin, fibroectin, glycosaminoglycanes.
  • AqualiftTM is a slowly absorbable implant, because carbonic matrix of the high-molecular chain is slowly splitted by non-specific tissue ferments and excreted from the organism.
  • AqualiftTM is a highly elastic hydrogel, it can be injected through thin needles and does not require obligatory preliminary anesthesia of the site of injection. Minimal tissue damaging and absence of infiltrations since no local anesthetics are used, allow the doctor to define correctly the necessary volume of injection.
  • AqualiftTM is inert, does not react with fillers introduced previously, it allows repeated injections in one anatomical region in cases its volume should be bigger or when multistage correction is performed.
  • AqualiftTM reveals slightly acid properties which creates a highly hostile environment for development of pathogenic microflora.
  • AqualiftTM has no irritating effect, has no allergic reactions and no incompatibility because of absence of initiators of immune reactions.
  • AqualiftTM causes no inflammation reactions in tissues and does not migrate from the region of injection.
  • AqualiftTM injection of high volumes in one anatomic region (150-200 ml) causes no fragmentation of the filler nor formation of a stiff fibrous capsule.
  • Cation copolymer of polyamide.
  • Normal physiologic solution (0.9 % sodium chloride).
Low quantities of the implant can be applied in cosmetology. Gradual slow biodegradation of the implant leads to decrease of the gel mass until its complete resorption. Cosmetic line of the product is issued in syringes containing 1-2-3-4 ml.

?) Wrinkles
  • Wrinkles on the forehead
  • Folds between eyes
  • Wrinkles around eyes
  • Wrinkles on eyelids
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Wrinkles around lips
  • Malar wrinkles
  • Folds in the lip corners
  • Neck wrinkles
  • Decollete region wrinkles
b) Volumetrical filling of the following regions
  • Depressions under the eyes
  • Sunken cheeks
  • For malar enlargement
  • For lips enlargement
  • Correction of the face shape
  • Chin folds
  • Bony hands
  • Knees
Big quantities of the implant can be applied in contour plastics for enlargement of different anatomical regions of the trunk and limbs. For that purpose the volume contour plastics line is issued in polymeric containers of 25 50 100 gr. Application of this line allows the patient to keep the volume during not less then 5 years.

c) Contour plastics
  • Breast enlargement
  • Elimination of breast asymmetry
  • Contour plastics of buttocks
  • Elimination of shin curvature
  • Reduction of deficiencies in thighs
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