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Statement on Aquafilling Calumniatory Information

We would like to inform that information stated in the letter from 07.06.2012 on the site is untrustworthy.

Zlenko A.B. is the inventor of Aqualift and Aquafilling gels. In 1997 Zlenko A.B. has founded private company Medicup that was involved in research and development activities in the field of natural sciences and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products that was also licensed to provide surgical, urological and cosmetic help, apply methods of plastic and reconstructive surgery. The know-how was patented by Zlenko A.B. as proved by the patent for utility model Method for the Production of Histocompatible Filler No. 24064 from 11.06.2007.

The gel Aqualift was manufactured by LLC NCMT on the basis of license agreement signed in 2005 between LLC NCMT and PC Medicup according to which LLC NCMT was granted with non-exclusive license for the know-how on the territory of Ukraine. In October 2010 the agreement has expired but was not prolonged but in spite of all this LLC NCMT continues to manufacture Aqualift.

Hydrophilic gel Aquafilling was obtained as derivative formula from Aqualift gel but is of better quality with more plasticity and reliability. In 2011 hydrophilic gel Aquafilling was registered in Ukraine as stated in the Certificate of national registration issued by State Administration of Quality Control at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 10727/2011. This fact disproves information from the letter by LLC NCMT that the manufacturers had their registration of hydrophilic gel Aquafilling twicely rejected by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

At the present moment hydrophilic gel Aquafilling is manufactured by Matrixcell Company on one of the factory unit in Czech Republic. Hydrophilic gel Aquafilling is secured on the international level as proved by the patent (No. 67354 Water Soluble Linear Heterochain Dipolymer) and registered trade mark Aquafilling through The International Trademark System No.1122378. Hydrophilic gel Aquafilling was certified in Europe so it meets European safety standards for human beings proved by the Certificates No. 41015/101/2012/CE and No. 40015/101/2012/CE from March 22, 2012 and No. 50028/M/2012 from 28.12.2012.

As for the documents published on the site of LLC NCMT, it is only LLC NCMT that misinforms consumers and clients by publishing on its site Certificate No. 43102/101/1/2009/CE from 24.02.2009 that was annulled by the Decision No. 025/2012 from March 12, 2012. It is exactly LLC NCMT has no registration document for manufacturing and selling Aqualift gel in Europe!!!

Also on the site there is a Certificate of state registration of Aqualift gel that has expired as early as in July 2014.

We would like to accentuate that information about Aquafilling gel in the letter from 07.06.2012 on the site is untrustworthy and is published by LLC NCMT only to inflict harm to business reputation of Zlenko A.B. and manufacturing company Matrixcell.

In order to protect infringed rights of Zlenko A.B. and Matrixcell Company that were violated by LLC NCMT, we have taken legal action.

As of today there is the Decision of Shevchenkyvkyi district court of the city of Kyiv from 05.11.2014 which has approved to compel LLC National Center of Medical Technologies, Zavgorodniy I. O. to stop actions directed at using in any manner the mark for goods and services AQUALIFT without the written consent from Zlenko A. B. and annul the registration of the domain

To affirm the abovementioned we publish the required documents.

  • Certificate of Aquafilling National Registration
  • Certificate No.40015
  • Certificate No.41015
  • Certificate No.50028
  • DECISION of Shevchenkivskyi district court_05.11.2014
  • Decision of Kyiv City Appeal court_15 01 2015
  • Contacts Aqualift hydrophilic gel Aquafilling Aqualift Aquafilling
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