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Statement on Calumniatory Information


Recently, Zlenko Arthur Borysovych has noticed on the web-site calumniatory information about hydrophilic gel "Aquafilling".

So on this site while clicking on the link notice 20120320.pdf there  is a letter dated March 20, 2012 with a signature of chief executive of LLC "NCMT" Sergey Zavgorodnyi under the title: "Important Notice To All Aqualift Hydrophilic Gel Doctors And Distributors. Warning of Fake Aqualift and Illegal New Brand "Aquafilling" Gels".

In this letter it goes that “there is also advertised in the Internet the so called gel "Aquafilling" as if analogous to "Aqualift". It also might be produced somewhere underground and secretly supplied to some countries. The authors of the letter ask all plastic surgery doctors who work with their gel not to buy this counterfeit product "Aquafilling" in order to be on the safe side so not to expose the patients to possible complications. They claim they know who is involved in this business. They say it is their former employee Mr. Zlenko who was admitted to their company to work as a manager but then dismissed. Now at Mr. Zlenko's site there has appeared information that this gel is produced in Czech Republic. In response to our inquiry about it, the Czech Health Ministry responded that such a product is not registered or produced in their country.”

In his turn Zlenko A.B. states that this is calumniatory information that damages his honor, dignity and his business reputation, it must be deleted from the site and disproved because as:

Firstly - Zlenko A.B. is the inventor of both products "Aquafilling" and "Aqualift". As of 24.06.2004 he registered a private company "Medicup" that conducted researches in the field of natural sciences and manufactured pharmaceutical products as the company had the license to provide surgical, urological and cosmetic services applying surgical and reconstructive methods. The technology of the know-how was patented by Zlenko A.B. that is proved by the Patent on utility model "Production process of histocompatible filler". Production of "Aqualift" gel was performed by LLC "NCMT" on the basis of License Agreement made in 2005 between LLC "NCMT" and PC "Medicup" according to which LLC "NCMT" has a non-exclusive license to use the know-how on the territory of Ukraine. In October 2010 the License Agreement has expired and the Agreement was not prolonged but despite this LLC "NCMT" continues to produce "Aqualift" gel.

At LLC "NCMT" Zlenko A.B. worked on the position of production director and was one of the cofounders of LLC "NCMT". He neither worked as a manager at this company nor was fired due to stealing (no stealing was suspected on his side and it is a made up fact without proof).

Secondly - as for gel "Aquafilling" it appeared as a derivative formula of gel "Aqualift" and has higher quality, better elasticity and reliability. Zlenko A.B. is also an inventor of this product. In 2011 the hydrophilic gel "Aquafilling" was registered in Ukraine at Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This fact disproves information from the letter by LLC "NMCT" about double rejection in registration by Ukrainian Health Ministry for Mr. Zlenko's "Aquafilling" gel. Also in Ukraine the trademark for products and services - gel "Aquafilling" is registered.

Thirdly - currently the hydrophilic gel "Aquafilling" is manufactured at one of the plants in Czech Republic. Manufacturing company is Matrixcell, Ltd. Hydrophilic gel "Aquafilling" has protection on international level - registered patent and registered trademark "Aquafilling" according to Madrid International Trademark System. Also gel "Aquafilling" is certified in Europe that can be proved by Certificates N°41015/101/2012/CE and JJT°40015/101/2012/CE from March 22, 2012 about receiving CE mark.

Zlenko A.B. also points out that according to the decision N°025/2012 from March 12, 2012 the CE mark was canceled for gel "Aqualift" produced by LLC NCMT.

So only LLC "NCMT" has no right to manufacture and sale gel "Aqualift" in Europe except Zlenko A.B.

Thus the information from the letter at the site is calumniatory and is not be proved by any document by LLC "NCMT" and damages the business reputation of Zlenko A.B. and manufacturing company Matrixcell, Ltd.



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